5 Stars -Good information. Wish it was half the size, but it is fine. Singer 401a Flashcard Set. Sandra

5 Stars -Helpful laminated sheets. New Home AEF Flashcard Set. Thank you. Pam and Amanda

5 Stars -So glad this was available seeing the machine is a bit old. Thank you for gathering this information for people like me. Tailor Professional 834 Flashcard Set. praharabah41

5 Stars -I found all the information I wanted about my Tailor TM Professional Sewing machine. Quick delivery. Tailor Professional 834 Flashcard Set. Marie

5 Stars -It's perfect! I can understand why I am having trouble with my sewing machine now. Thank you! Singer 15-91 Flashcard Set. a19tanya73

5 Stars -This was such a great find. Singer 12ks are hard to find so I was excited to stumble onto this store. The manual was well written, with nice and easy to see color photos! I liked how they demonstrated how to properly thread the machine; it was a nice touch. I recommend these manuals. Singer 12K Flashcard Set. Erin

It’s my quick go to for my machine needs. Willcox & Gibbs Chain Stitch Sewing Machine Flash Cards. A354420

5 Stars -Great product! So helpful. Wonderful resource! Willcox and Gibbs Flashcard Set. Debbie.

5 Stars -Good information. Wish it was half the size, but is is fine. Singer 401 Flashcard Set. Sandra.

5 Stars -Very helpful and prompt response. Singer 301 Flashcard set. Loretta.

How to Rewire Vintage Sewing Machines, Spiral bound. Great pictures, and written very well!!! It just can't get any better!!! Plus, the shipping was FAST!!! Thank you!!! Shanna

5 Stars -These instructions are the perfect thing to keep next to your machine for quick reference. Awesome!!! Super-fast shipping!!! Thank you!!! Shanna

I am very pleased with the service Connie did on my 1957 Singer 306k and my New Home 532. Cleaned inside and out, serviced, parts replaced, she even included a vintage pressure foot , adjusted so many things. First thing she did before I even left was to check inside for rust. These sewing machines had been sitting for years. They both work perfectly and I am happy with the service. I was very sentimental about them too and she was very careful with them. And she gave tips, was generous with her knowledge, advised me where to buy a new electric plug that I could install myself. And more. Any rate I have two beautiful old machines that sew perfectly, look fabulous and are built to last. You can’t go wrong bringing your machines here. Oh, fast turn around too. Yvette.

5 Stars- This was a good idea of yours. Hopefully it will be helpful to a friend of mine who has had to dismantle her entire featherweight due to flood damage. Singer 221-1 Sewing Machine Flash Cards. K

5 Stars- Singer 12K Sewing Machine Flash Cards. Courtney

5 Stars- Singer 221-1 Sewing Machine Flash Cards. Donna

4 Stars- 201 Sewing Machine FLASHCARDS. C Somers.

4 Stars-99K Sewing Machine FLASHCARDS. C Somers.

5 Stars- Tailor Professional 834 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD. Cathy

Excellent quality and very useful. No fumbling around with the original vintage manual or going to youtube for information. Worth the cost. Fast delivery of item. Singer 201-2, 401 Flash cards. Hal

Clear maintenance and use - much easier to use than some of the original manuals and easier to access than u-tube videos with similar content. Singer 66-1, Singer 128, Singer 15-91 flashcards. Robert.

Same comments as previous review. This set also useful for most Singers with VS and the majority of clones out there. Singer 12K Flashcard. Robert.

This is the only helpful information about this sewing machine that I can find online. Cinderella Flash cards. Glenda.

Using it right now, love it! Singer 404 Flashcards.

Love them!! Singer 301 Flashcards.

Connie is extremely knowledgeable and is generous with her expertise. She worked quickly and with an eye to the cost of the project. My vintage singer has never been in such good condition! Clara.

Helpful with restoration of 70+ year old Featherweight. Singer 221-1 Flash cards. Robert.

5 Stars- Willcox & Gibbs Flashcard. Karen

Just got my mom’s 301 from my dad. I haven’t located her manual yet so this is a great help. Thank you, Mary Ellen. Singer 301 flash cards.

5 Stars- Alice. Singer 301 Flashcards.

I recently acquired two vintage machines. With limited knowledge on how to care for and service these machines. I did a few quick internet searches and found that Connie was only twenty five minutes from me. A couple of emails later, enter Connie. She is knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and accommodating. The return time for the machine was truly amazing! Thanks to Connie I now have two beautiful machines in working order! All I can say, Connie is the woman you are looking for, search no further.♥️ Jayne.

Very fast shipping. I love this as I just got a Cinderella sewing! It will be a huge help! I would definitely buy from again! Cinderella Flash cards. Vicki

Helpful cards. Well made and delivered on time. 221-1 flash cards. Deborah

These cards are very helpful especially if you purchase a machine without a manual. I love that it's laminated! Cinderella Flash cards. Sherrie.

Thank you. Singer 221-1 flash cards. Dawn

Thank you. Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine Flashcards. Dawn

Thank you. How to Service a Vintage Sewing Machine Flash Cards. Dawn

Great information to have at my fingertips to learn and trouble shoot my new to me 1951 Featherweight! Thanks! Nicole 221-1 flash cards

Pictures to help identify the parts of my Iron Lady. Marilyn. New Home AEF Flash cards

Have not had a chance to use the information. But it looks very helpful. Made well, fast shipment. Vivian 221-1 flash cards

Really handy!! - Singer 348 Flashcard set.

Great information on these cards. Singer 201-2 Flashcards. Toni

Connie, The pedal/power cord device got here fine so you’ve made Sister Barbara very happy. Thanks, Allan

Just what I needed for my machine! Singer 221-1 Flashcard. Mark

Connie, I received my flash cards today. WOW !! They are awesome. I assume you put the ideas, and layout together, since I have never seen something even close to these. You did a great job with the format, tips, etc. The Laminate “seals” the deal!. They are a great reference, and I am keeping them in arms reach by my work bench. Also, wanted to give you another thank you for the discount, it did help, and I am glad I made the purchase.Thank you, Len.

Excellent product laminated to protect from moisture which is needed in my humid climate of West Central Florida. My second purchase from this seller for a similar fact sheet on another Singer product. Wonderful. Singer 221-1 Flashcard.

Very helpful! A good check list for maintenance as well. Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

Very helpful and handy resource! Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

I love the fact that the notes are laminated. The postman left the plastic sleeve with these notes inside with the mailbox partially open due to the size of the sleeve. We had an unexpected storm come through. Indeed the sleeve kept all dry inside the package but it was a reminder that other accidents happen over time to paper products and these informative resources will stay safe and with the ring attached will stay together. Sent quickly, safely and I highly recommend this product and the seller! Singer 201-2 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

Well packed. Great item. Singer Featherweight carry case lid LINER -original 1939

I just received my order that included the Flashcards for the Singer 128. What a great idea! I am going to teach my 16 year old twin granddaughters how to use my 2 vintage Singers this summer (also have a 15) and the Flashcards are perfect for the future lest they forget. Thanks. Kathleen

Great tool to have! Singer 128 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

Perfect help reference! Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD

Fantastic item. Thank you. Singer 12K Sewing Machine FLASHCARDS Instructions/Oiling/Part#'s/Wipes Clean/Laminated

Perfect help reference! Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD Instructions/Oiling/Part#'s/Wipes Clean/Laminated

This is a great flash card with lots of good info for your vintage sewing machine. Love that it is laminated. Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD Instructions/Oiling/Part#'s/Wipes Clean/Laminated

Highly recommend! Connie got back to me within a few hours of my initial inquiry and we arranged to deliver my trusty and ancient Singer Featherweight. I picked it up 24 hours later and it works better than ever! The minor problem I was having with the bobbin was fixed and the once over maintenance job made it run like a champ! She even spruced up the case I brought it in! So relieved to know there is an expert in the area to take care of my baby. Thank you Connie! Lydia Hoffman.

Looks like it should be very helpful with my 201. Singer 201-2 Sewing Machine FLASHCARDS Instructions/Oiling/Part#'s/Wipes Clean/Laminated

Thanks for the quick ship! Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine FLASHCARD Instructions/Oiling/Part#'s/Wipes Clean/Laminated

I'm so grateful to Connie for her knowledge, care, thoroughness, not to mention quick turn around. So glad I happened upon her site from our Town's web page! My mother's old Universal sewing machine is looking and acting like new. Thank you again, Connie!!

Fits perfectly. You saved the day.I could not find any other source for one. I have a White 1855. Thanks, Bruce.

This year has been the perfect year to pull out my moms old sewing machine and try my hand at a new hobby. Because the sewing machine had been sitting unused for at least 10 years, I reached out to Connie about having the sewing machine serviced. Connie was so lovely to work with, direct, quick to respond, and fair priced. She made me feel confident and comfortable handing over my mother's vintage sewing machine to be cleaned and serviced in her care. Connie provided a pdf manual (as my mom's was long gone) and even sent me home with the sample fabric that she used to test the machine, which was really helpful for me personally to be able to see what the machine can do! She also returned the sewing machine with a full page that explained what work she did on the sewing machine as well as notes and recommendations. This sewing machine has a very special place in my heart and home and Connie brought it back to life - I'm so grateful! Hilary Brown

Connie took care of my 4 machines-- 2 Singers, a Kenmore, and a Morse. She performed thorough inspections inside and out, and serviced each, eradicating small areas of rust, cleaning and lubricating. She also replaced ancient wiring on the Morse. Turnaround time was quick, and she kept me updated on progress. All ran well when I got them home. A detailed report was provided on what services were provided, and how to keep each machine in top shape. It is clear she loves and appreciates these old but irreplaceable machines. We aren't owners, we are the caretakers and stewards of these precious tools!! Don't buy new, buy vintage! Thank you Connie!!!

Great item for 201-2 users! Excellent Customer Service! A+++. Singer 201-2 Flashcards

My 1958 Singer sewing machine had sat, unused, in my basement for 20+ years. Happily for me (and my machine), I found Connie’s listing in Google. What a find! Connie has a passion for cleaning, refurbishing, and making old beauties look and perform like new! She works out of her home, so when I arrived, she did a quick check of the machine’s innards, making sure that rust would not interfere with the repair. She also plugged it in to be sure the motor was still working. Connie was very positive about her initial findings and agreed to work on my Singer. Within 24 hours, she sent me a photo and video of my machine in excellent working order. When I picked it up, she provided me with a detailed account of everything she did and suggestions for keeping my Singer in good shape.I am now busy making Covid face masks with my vintage beauty, which is working like a charm! Connie is proud, hard working, and passionate about her specialty and I am so glad to have found her! Pat Rosenberg, Shelter Island, NY

Thank you, absolutely the best. I was able to fix my old white machine by using the Singer cards. Thank you for such high quality cards.

Thanks! I did find them helpful. Julie Sewing Machine Flash cards

Hi Connie, I really like the 201 flash cards, its awesome to have some history of the model, along with the specifications of commonly needed part numbers, as well as maintenance tasks. The pictures along with the step by step instructions was a plus as well. I am planning on eventually getting the model 66 flash cards as well since I have a Redeye and Godzilla. Thanks, Bruce

Hi Connie, Yes, I did purchase the flashcard set for the Singer 66. I did find it useful, although I thought it would be more in depth, like, for example, how to take apart, clean, and adjust the bobbin winder. My husband had brought home a $5 Singer 66 for parts. First, I used the flashcard to identify the version--Singer 66-6. I messed about with the machine to see if I could take apart, clean and replace things like the needle bar, presser foot and handwheel. I knew how to thread the machine for sewing, but I did not know how to wind the bobbin. The pictures on the flashcard were handy to me for a quick visual on how to get the thread to the bobbin winder and the bobbin. So I will use the flashcard as a handy reminder on how the Singer 66 looks and operates. Sincerely, Carole Magnusson.

I bought your How to rewire a VSM and I can highly recommend it! It is very well thought out and the photos are super helpful. I won't say you make it so easy a cave man could do it, but you do make it easy to do!

Very straightforward and love that it is laminated to avoid any oil or grease marks! Singer 66-1 Flashcard

Fast shipping, item in great condition, Thanks!!! Singer Featherweight carry case INNER TRAY

Thank you so much I received it this morning just what i needed. Great stuff thank you. Singer 201-2 Flashcards

Item as described and very pleased with it. Thanks! Singer Featherweight Carry Case Original Handle.

Very Nice. Thanks so much. Singer 221-1 Featherweight Sewing Machine FLASHCARD Set

Order arrived today. Well packed. Used my standard rubbing alcohol soak. Mostly grime, only a wee bit of rust on the bobbin winder guide. Thank you for the product and fast shipping! Lori

Wonderful experience with Connie, the Thrifty Farm Girl. I brought her my Mom’s machine which I hadn’t seen in over 5 years. It needed lots of TLC and she was incredible. She repaired and replaced. She polished and shined! Threw in some bobbins, gave me a two page write up on what was done and suggestions to keep my machine at its best. (And all within 24 hours). Can’t say enough. Highly recommend her. I had an hour ride to her and it was totally worth it.

Thanks so much Connie, I received the part last week and it’s just what I needed, you have the best service!! Thanks again, Sharon

I brought my vintage sewing machine to Connie for a tuneup and am extremely happy I found her. I was not only happy with my clean and tuned machine but she had it back to me within 24 hours. Maureen

I purchased my first vintage and found this wonderful woman on the internet.. from the moment I spoke to her I knew I could trust her to take care of my new purchase she did a phenomenal job on my vintage machine and taught me quite a bit more about vintage sewing machines I'm truly happy I met her I will continue doing business with her she is very honest and very reliable and extremely informative about sewing machines...I even purchased both her books. MYA

Found parts here for my machine. Shipped right away! E. Dettrey

Dear Connie, I received the bentwood carry case this morning, and I am so happy! I have already started working on restoring it. I was going to compliment you on the terrific packaging; however, I hadn’t checked out your articles before today. You have THE sewing machine packing article. I found it about a year ago just googling info on shipping sewing machines. I sometimes send it to ebay sellers when I buy machines. It’s a great resource. Thank you again for shipping the case to me! Sheila

Really useful information. Many thanks! Andrew How to Select Service Repair & Maintain Your Vintage Sewing Machine, 2nd Edition - eBook

Really prompt shipping and well made booklet. Nice large pictures and easy to follow directions. Chelsea Singer 201-2 Flashcards

Connie, It arrived today. It was in good shape and is working well. Thank you ma'am. Dean

I brought my vintage Singer machine in to be cleaned and checked out after having taken it to a retail shop 3 times asking for it to be serviced, only to have picked it up three times with no service being done. Connie did a great job and my machine was ready the following day! She kept me updated as she was working on it, sending pics and videos. I am very pleased with the service provided and will definitely recommend her if I find anyone whose sewing machine is in need of repair. She also sent me a link to the owner's manual and one to where I can purchase other accessories. Jeanne

Yummy Smell! I love it! Lavender Herbal Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Thrifty Farmgirl sent the parts for two 28K's that I am rebuilding. They arrived quicker than expected, packed very well in bubblewrap and even though they are vintage...when I opened the package there was a fresh aroma of cleanliness and sanitizer. And the parts fit perfectly! Thanks!!!

I recommend it to people who are looking for parts because I've gotten parts there in the past. They respond promptly and also ship promptly. It is my go to place when I need something for one of my machines. I have a herd of sewing machines of all vintages including antique ones. C. Beverly

Fast response, shipping and delivery. My go-to for hard to find original parts, and so appreciate the reasonable prices. Birdlady.

I have bought parts twice for my series 400 Singers. Nice price, quick shipping, and personable. M. Carter.

Great communication and prices! J. Laree

I received the bobbin case today. It works perfectly with my machine. This of course was a used part and it works infinitely better than the new part I ordered elsewhere. I appreciate the quick shipping too! Thanks so much! Leslie

Item is exactly as described. RARE Singer 27 VS2 *FIDDLEBASE STYLE* slide plate REAR. Thanks

Hi Connie, I just received my order from you today. Thank you so much. The parts are just perfect for the machines I'm working on. You are so fast with shipping, and the parts are so well-packaged to prevent any damage during shipping. I enjoy just frequently browsing through your well-organized website. Carole

Thank you for a good packing job. Fast service, reliable, highly recommend. Singer 221K White Featherweight Sewing Machine.

Hello Connie, the sewing-machine-part has arrived today. It is in an extraordinary good condition and has been packed very well. Thank you very much ! Greetings from Germany, Kurt

IT FITS!!!!!!!!!!! And works great. It came this morning, and I just installed it. It is people like you that have kept old machines, saved them for parts, and put up such a great website that enable us to keep the good old stuff running! THANK YOU! Joe

Fast shipping! Magnificent machine!! Many thanks!!! Singer 15-91 CENTENNIAL BADGE Sewing Machine

Perfect order. It is always a pleasure buying parts from you. I mention you often in my videos and comment section, and viewers have commented that you lived up to my praise of Thrifty Farm Girl. Nicely Done! Wishing you continued success and a fantastic year, Andy Tube

I have the Kenmore Bobbin, that was fast delivery, Faster than a Rattler, thanks farm girl.

Smooth transaction, great vintage item, highly recommended. 1892 Singer Sewing Machine model 27 with DOGWOOD & FORGET ME NOT BLOSSOMS *RARE*

Received my book on rewiring and it is even better than I hoped it would be! Thank you! L. Kay

Very cool original part complete with vintage patina. Thank you! Singer 128 Hand Crank 1929 ORIGINAL PART

Thank you for the Bernina 513 Light fixture!!. It works well. I looked all over for a Bernina 155 Light fixture. It is the same thing!! Bernina says the 155 did not come with that light??? Who knew... By the way, the Wife says Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dennis

I received my parts so quickly! They were exactly what we needed. Thank you for your fast and friendly service.

Great and fast service made my mom happy. Universal DeLuxe Sewing Machine. BEAUTIFUL & FULLY SERVICED

The 328K light cover shield and bolts received. fits and color matches perfectly. Thanks, Jo

Hi Connie, I received my order today and wanted to thank you. Excellent customer service, superior packing, prices and super fast shipping! It has been my extreme pleasure doing business with you! I will be sure to spread the word about your business! to all my friends. Richard.

Thank you Connie, I received my package today and everything was great. You have been a lifesaver for my machine and released me from future stress. Christine

Arrived in beautiful condition, am placing on my treadle base today.Thank you!, Rebecca. 1919 Singer 15 Sewing Machine.

Fast service!!! Thanks!!! Herbal Aromatherapy Eye Pillow with Lavender Buds. Fruit & Flowers

Thank You! Herbal Aromatherapy Eye Pillow with Lavender Buds. Fruit & Flowers

Thank you Connie ...love my new toy, she runs like new, you did a fabulous job restoring her back to life...thank you for your kindness and your professional service. 👍 I will continue to use your skills and services ...thank you again. Maria.

Just received and read your new book HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH VINTAGE SEWING MACHINES. This book is a good investment, great and timely information, well written. Neal.

I have owned a 2905 White Sewing machine for 40 years. Yesterday I contacted this website to see if they knew if bobbins were available. After a short bit I received a reply and info to purchase bobbins. I have since purchased bobbins for my sewing machine and after 40 years will now have more than 2 bobbins. Extremely happy with the cheerful and knowledgeable customer service I received for such a small purchase. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking for help with finding vintage sewing machine parts. 5 stars in my book. Dawn.

Just wanted to touch base with you and let u know that the spool holder and the hinge screws arrived. I love the spool holder! Hard to find!!!! Regards, Zoraida

Hi Connie, My order arrived today all it looks great. You were right, the face plate polished up easily and it's just beautiful! It's a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again, Doneene

Hi just wanted to say thanks again , parts arrived safely, beautiful packaging, very well done, Best wishes Joost and John.

The parts for my vintage Singer Models 457 & 513 already arrived Friday. Boy, that was quick. They are in very good condition and so nicely packed. Thanks Connie, you’re the best! Andy, one of your very satisfied repeat customers.

Thanks ! Outstanding in every respect. Vintage 1951 Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine CARRYING CASE.

I just received the 1951 centennial featherweight I purchased from Connie and it is beautiful! I have wanted one for so long but wanted to make sure I purchased one from someone who knew something about them. I definitely found the right person! First of all, from the moment I purchased it, Connie was in contact with me every step of the way. From the moment she was packaging it, until the time I received it. It was packaged very securely. Each piece was individually wrapped in bubble wrap and labeled. When I unwrapped it, it was just as the pictures showed it to be. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that Connie had taken the time to include all of the background information on my featherweight and all of the maintenance she had done to it. She also included a signed copy of her book: "How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain Your Vintage Sewing Machine", which I'm sure I will find very handy in the future. I am completely satisfied. Thank you Connie! Susie Browning.

I looked all over the web for a replacement part for my Peerless sewing machine. Nothing matched. Then, I accidentally found your site. Thank God I found you. With minimal searching I found my part in almost new condition. Fast shipping and here I sit with my Grandmother's vintage sewing machine in great working condition. Thank you for giving back my fond memories of my Grandmother. You are an angel from heaven above. Lee, CA.

I have been rehabbing vintage Singer Sewing Machines for about 12 years now, many for charitable purposes. I have a short list of vendors I go to for most of the parts I need, and thrifyfarmgirl.com is at the top of that list. Why? I’d have to say it’s quality and service. I always receive exactly what I ordered and it arrives well packed in a very short time. Many other vendors could take lessons from thriftyfarmgirl concerning communications and notifications as hers are Top Shelf. Now, we can even send parts request in and she will keep an eye out for them and notify you when available, even if is a different vendor who has what you want. Now that is true customer service. So thank you thriftyfarmgirl, for helping me restore these wonderful machines and get them into the hands of people who will put them to good use. Very Nicely Done! Andrew, an Arizona customer.

Connie, Just wanted to thank you for all your help. My light cover arrived today - I couldn't be happier with the part and your service. Tate.

Hello Connie, Order arrived timely and all satisfactory. Thank you and nicely done as usual. You are my favorite vendor for vintage Singer parts! Andy.

Fast service and excellent packaging. Antique Singer Treadle Sewing machine drawer (#3).

Excellent transaction. Exactly as advertised. Vintage R.H. Macy & Co Rotary Sewing Machine.

Connie, My order was delivered today. Thank you for the fast service! All the parts are good. The case badge looks so much better in person. I’m real happy I bought these items from you, and I’ll let my friends/family know about your store. Andrew

Fantastically well packaged. A wonderful transaction, thanks! NICE 1948 Singer 15-90 Centennial Sewing Machine- NEW 1 AMP MOTOR- LED

Very nice fast shipping thanks. Vintage Singer Treadle Sewing Machine WHEEL & AXLE PIN

Quick shipment, very well packed. Thank you! Vintage Singer Treadle Sewing Machine WHEEL & AXLE PIN

I got my copy a few weeks ago and Connie McCaffery has already been a lifesaver with the info in that book!, Holly. 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

Already I'm liking the format and easy to read style. I also like the easy online part finding instructions!!", Bonita. 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

I received this book as a gift. Well done, easy to read, wonderful photos, I will never part with it. Thanks Connie McCaffery for writing this amazing book, Rosalie. 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone that has older sewing machines. 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

Hi there, just bought your book off Amazon UK, as I want to restore my 1901 Singer 127. Love your book by the way.. It's fantastic. Julie

Hello Connie, I received your book and it is very helpful. Thanks, Dale

As an owner/collector of vintage sewing machines...I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

Informative, easy to use,great pics!!...THANKS for a great book!!I purchased your new book, thoroughly enjoy it.. Charles 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

Hello Connie, I just received your book in the mail today. I love it. Debbie 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

Connie, Just received your book in the mail- I love it!!!!! It is so easy to follow and informative! Please let me know if you put out a second edition!!! :) Linda 'How to Select, Service, Repair & Maintain your Vintage Sewing Machine'

Happy customer. Antique SINGER Treadle Sewing Machine Caster Wheel

Item perfectly described, well packaged. Recommended. Antique SINGER Treadle Sewing Machine Caster Wheel & Pin.

Just what I needed and good price. Antique SINGER Treadle Sewing Machine Caster Wheel & Pin.

VERY fast shipping. Thanks. Great part!!!!This seller is very easy to deal with! Antique SINGER Treadle Sewing Machine Caster Wheel & Pin.

Just wanted to say thank you. I received the singer 66 ornate arm side cover 125425 that I ordered. I appreciate the super fast shipping. My restoration project of a 1916 Singer 66 will now be complete. Thanks again, W Johnson

It came through in perfect shape. It was even better than we expected, Thank you so much. New National by New Home HAND CRANK Sewing Machine.

I received the case and bobbin for the Westinghouse sewing machine. It fit perfectly! Thanks, Lynne.

Just what I needed! Thanks sew much! A++ Antique Singer Sewing Machine Key T Slotted Key for Bentwood Cases.

Fast delivery- Singer Sewing Machine 'T' Slotted Key for bentwood cases.

Part for Singer 403A arrived today. As you said it fits and works perfectly. Thank you for the excellent communications and the impeccable customer service. Singer 404 foot controller Alice- Inman, SC

Excellent service, fast delivery, item neatly packed, highly recommended. Singer Stylist 457 face plate, Singer 457 Stylist Top Cover J Droga.

A little smaller than expected but works fine. Continental Electric Portable Sewing Machine.

Awesome machine thanks. Antique National A & S TREADLE Sewing Machine NICE Decals.

I just wanted to tell you, it's perfect! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly, so perfectly, With the screws and fastener, I am so happy! What did we ever do before the internet! I stayed up Friday night until , midnight? searching for this part, found it, and here it is Monday evening, and I have it. Thank you so very much. Singer 347 face plate.

Hey I received it today, and it looks great. Thanks it has a nice home now. 1916 Singer 66 Red Eye TREADLE Sewing Machine.

Accurate descriptions, fast & very careful shipping. Best seller A+ White Rotary Sewing Machine Model 77 Friction Motor.

Exactly as described with fast well packaged delivery. Vintage Singer 237 Fashion Mate Motor, Light & Foot Controller.

Fast Shipping & was packed very well!! Love my machine it works great thank you! Vintage Singer 247 Zig Zag Sewing Machine.

Machine arrived in great condition! Sews great! Vintage Singer Touch n Sew Model 717 Sewing Machine.

Arrived safely and timely. Great transaction. A+ all the way! Vintage Singer 457 Stylist Sewing Machine Presser Foot.

Great packing! Arrived safely & timely. Would do business with you again. A+++++ Vintage Singer 457 Stylist Sewing Machine Carry Case.

Very good transaction . All is well. Singer 27, 28, 127, Sewing Machine 128 Slide Plate.

Great Seller! Just what I needed. Thanks so much! Vintage Singer 15-91 Presser Foot Thumb Screw.

Just exactly as described. Very satisfactory. Many thanks! AAA+++!!! 1935 Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine CASE.

Great seller. Vintage White Rotary Sewing Machine Model 77 Slide Plate.

VERY SATISFIED Vintage White Rotary Sewing Machine Model 77 Stitch Length Selector.

Excellent, thank you. Vintage Singer 27, 28, 127, 128 Sewing Machine Motor Bracket.

Item as described and nicely shipped. Vintage Singer 27, 28, 127, 128 Sewing Machine Light.

Item as described, and it showed up quickly. What more could you ask for? Thanx! Vintage White Rotary Sewing Machine Model 77 Spool Pin.

Nice clean item, fast shipping. Thank you. Vintage Singer 27, 28, 66-1, 127, 128 Sewing Machine Tension Assembly.

Quick shipment, product as described. Vintage White Rotary Sewing Machine Model 77 Needle Clamp Assembly.

Just great. Vintage Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine Foot Controller.

Great communication, super fast shipping, and item was packaged like a pro! A+++ I just wanted to thank you so much for being such a great seller! I'm so happy my sewing machine came so quickly and you packed everything like a pro... I've owned this same machine for years (my mom's old machine until she decided that sewing wasn't for her and so it became my machine) and mine broke last year, so I'd been watching eBay for months, trying to find another 5525... so I'm glad you were selling one. Can't wait to get her tuned up! Sincerely, Christine. Vintage Singer 5525 Zig Zag Free Arm Sewing Machine.

Lightening fast delivery. Vintage Singer 27, 28, 127, 128 Sewing Machine Black side Plate.

:-) Vintage Singer 15-91 Sewing Machine Power Cord.

Just great. Vintage Singer 128 Sewing Machine Bentwood Case.

As shown Singer Merritt 2112 Zig Zag Free Arm Sewing Machine.

Really fast shipper. Thanks! Vintage Singer 27, 28, 127, 128 Sewing Machine Rear Access Plate *NICE*

Having a you tube video was very helpful in my decision to buy. Thanks Vintage 1923 Singer Model 128 Sewing Machine.

Item exactly as described, delivered quickly, packaged well, many thanks. Vintage Singer 27, 28, 127, 128 Sewing Machine Knee Bar.

VERY FAST SERVICE. WOULD BUY AGAIN FROM THIS PERSON. Vintage Domestic Vibrator Sewing Machine PARTS Hinges.

Sewing machine slide received in record time!! Thanks! Vintage Domestic Vibrator Sewing Machine PARTS Slide plate 'front'.

Fits perfect, works great, EXCELLENT seller thanks. AAA all the way AAAAA+++++ Vintage White Rotary Sewing Machine Model 77 Bobbin Case & Bobbin.

Awesome, fast shipping, great packing. I would definitely buy from again! Vintage Heavy Duty Singer Model 66-8 Sewing Machine 1938.

Murrays Deluxe Precision Sewing Machine- Dear Connie, sorry did not write till just now! Got the machine yesterday. It came here safely and I have been sewing little doll bodies with it. It is working great. I am happy about it. Just what I wanted. It works like a charm. I like the looks of it too. Thanks so much and I really love the machine. Jayne, TX .

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Connie, I can't tell you how happy I am that you had a light socket for my singer 648!!!! It came in today and Charles has already
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