Note: When you make a purchase on this website you agree to the following terms:


All orders are shipped though the United States Postal Service.

When will my order ship? We ship 6 days a week, and most orders ship within 24 hours. Book orders may ship within 1-7 business days. Larger items like sewing machines ship within 1-2 business days of cleared payment. You will receive another email with tracking information once your order ships. If inclement weather is due this will delay shipping.

Non Payment of Shipping Fee: It is the responsibility of the customer to select a shipping method upon placing their order. In the event a customer fails to select a shipping method when checking out, (and therefore preventing a ship charge from being generated for their order), an invoice will be immediately emailed to you, so that you may pay the shipping fee. Orders will NOT be shipped without the shipping fee being paid. Any customer who fails to pay the shipping fee within 24 hours, will have their order cancelled, and their payment refunded minus a restocking fee of 25%. This fee covers the time for the excessive administrative tasks which include excess paperwork and the restocking of item(s). This fee is non-negotiable. This fee is also subject to change without notice.

The shipping methods we use

Ground Advantage: Recently this method replaced First Class and is the method that we use most.

Priority: Our preferred shipping method. Priority mail is insured and is a fast method for shipping your order.

Sewing Machines: Sewing machines will ship Parcel Select with the Post office which is the cheapest method within the U.S., though a little slower. Please note that we do not ship tables with sewing machines. We do not shipping sewing machines internationally. All sewing machine shipments are securely packed and insured.

International Shipping: We do ship parts and books internationally, however we do not ship sewing machines. Most International shipping quotes must be calculated to provide you with the most accurate price. Shipping prices are out of our control, and even a package as light as 10 oz., shipping First Class International, may cost in excess of $15 to ship to Canada. The cost will vary depending on location. Excess shipping fees are always refunded.


A tracking # is assigned to every order. You will receive this number in your shipping notification email once your order has been processed and shipped. Orders can be tracked here.

Lost or Misdirected Mail

Misdirected Packages: It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that their mailing address is correct before placing their order. For those logging into and using PayPal as their payment method, make sure that the shipping address in your PayPal account is up to date before placing your order. We are not responsible for misdirected mail. In the event that your package is sent to an old address, the Postal Service offers a Mail Intercept option in which they can find and intercept your package. 

This service incurs a fee in which the customer is solely responsible for. Visit the above link to start a Mail Intercept claim. Please note that after 90 days the Postal Service will not be able to track packages, as they do not store tracking numbers past this time period.

Lost Mail : Once a package has left our facility it is out of our control. In the event that you haven't received your package after 1 week, it is your responsibility to notify us right away. As mentioned above, after 90 days have passed, the Postal Service will not be able to track any packages, as they do not store tracking numbers past this time period. 

Claims can be filed with the Postal Service for lost packages, but again, it must be done within a reasonable time frame, otherwise you will not be eligible for reimbursement from the Postal Service. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to file a claim. We will not be held responsible for lost packages.

Returns, Cancellation Requests and Restocking Fees

We do not accept returns, with the exception being if we sent the wrong part in error. The majority of the sewing machine parts we sell are original /used, in working order and sold 'as is'. All electric parts such as motors, lights and foot controllers are tested. If for some reason we are unable to test any electric parts, and cannot guarantee that they work, this will be indicated in the listing, and will be sold as is, 'for parts only'. Please read all descriptions before purchasing.

There have been a couple of instances where customers have not respected our policy and have returned an item anyway even though the policy had been clearly explained to them. They may claim that a working part shipped to them doesn't work. Or claim that a part we sold is not correct for their model. Note that all of the parts and the machines they came from are extensively cataloged, so we can reference any parts we sell at any time should an issue arise.

If an item is returned to us without first contacting us to see whether it's eligible to be returned, then a restocking fee of 25% of the order total will be deducted from your original payment. Your refund will be less this fee amount. This fee is non-negotiable, and is subject to change without notice. When a few select customers refuse to respect our policy, we have no other option but to do this. This fee is to cover the time it takes for administrative tasks which include excess paperwork, restocking of item(s) and processing of the refund. Please note: If we sent the wrong part to you, we will not charge a restock fee.

Orders cannot be cancelled once they are placed. We are efficient at order fulfillment, and orders generally leave our facility the same day.


We accept all major Credit Cards and PayPal. PayPal is encrypted and secure and we never see your payment information. Please note that a PayPal account is not required in order to checkout. Simply select the option, 'Pay with a Debit/Credit Card' - this will allow you to pay directly with your card without using a PayPal account. NOTE: When you checkout through PayPal, you will see NatureMaiden.com, this is our other website. We use our PayPal Account for both websites.

Privacy Policy

Any and all personal information such as your name, email and mailing address is required in order to process your order. We will never share this information with anyone else. Your payment information is encrypted with PayPal and we do not have access to it.


If you'd like to purchase a sewing machine from us but are unable to pick it up right away, you may opt to place a deposit on it. We are unable to hold a sewing machine and cannot guarantee its availability without a deposit. A deposit will hold a sewing machine for 3 days, or on the agreed upon pickup date. Please note that deposits are non-refundable if you should change your mind regarding the purchase. We can email you an invoice to pay the deposit, which will also serve as your receipt.

How we keep your transactions secure

We use PayPal as our payment processor. We never see your payment information. Whether you log into your PayPal account or check out as a guest, you'll see the green lock icon in the address bar indicating that your transaction is safe. You'll see this green lock icon once you're in the cart, or in the process of checking out.

Customer Reviews

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Questions? Email us. We respond to all emails Monday through Friday until 5pm EST. Weekends and Holidays excluded.