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Vintage Sewing Machine Shortcuts eBook, 16 pages.  

*Full color photographs.
*Concise and easy to follow instructions.


Helpful Knowledge at a Glance


Vintage Sewing Machine Shortcuts is an excellent resource for those new to vintage sewing machines, and to sewing in general. Find the information you need at a glance for your most common vintage sewing machine questions. Makes an excellent gift for the vintage sewing machine lover.

Includes the following information:

*Anatomy of a Sewing Machine

*Fabric Conversion Chart

*Color Chart
*Needle, thread and fabric compatibility chart

*Measurements Chart
*Adjusting Tensions

*Shank Types/Attachment Identification

*Securing the stitching without reverse

*Servicing your machine

*Tool list

*The most commonly used models with part numbers

*Rewiring a foot controller

*Troubleshooting common issues

*Where to find parts, books and sewing machines.

*Fast and reliable support when you need it

Makes a great gift!

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