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Vintage Sewing Machine 101: Getting Started with Vintage Sewing Machines eBook- Release date February 11 2022, by Connie McCaffery 

Vintage Sewing Machine 101 eBook is a crash course on what you need to know when buying vintage sewing machines. It will show you how to pick a machine, the best places to buy one, how to easily service them, how to use its functions, how to thread a machine, threading various bobbin case types, winding bobbins, troubleshooting when issues arise, rewiring a foot pedal, installing a treadle belt, making money from sewing machines, where to find parts, and so much more.

It also features the differences between various models. Also included is a gallery of popular models and a list of recommended machines to help you narrow down your search.

Chances are that once you go vintage you won’t go back! You’ll come to appreciate the style, beauty and quality that define the vintage sewing machine. Get started with vintage sewing machines today.

*Makes a handy reference the next time you’re shopping for your next vintage sewing machine*

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