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Singer 66-1 Sewing Machine Flash Cards
You'll receive a total of 6 pages (3 Cards)

**This set has been upgraded to include 6 pages effective June 28, 2022**

Our sewing machine flashcards are an excellent alternative when you don't have a manual for your machine, or you'd rather not search through an entire manual looking for instructions. Read on to learn more:

The Benefits of Flash Cards:

Information at a glance.
Makes a handy manual replacement.
Laminated card stock for convenience and durability.
Easy to read convenient size of 8 1/2" x 11".
Excellent alternative for a manual.
Full color photographs.
Concise and easy to follow instructions.
Printed on both front and back.
Easy to store in a sewing table or bag.
Pin on a wall for easy reference.
Have more than one sewing machine? Mix and match cards.
Easy to keep clean.
Makes a great gift!

Information Included:

General information about your model.
Bobbin class, needle system, and bobbin winder tire size - with part #'s.
Oiling the machine.
Adjusting Tensions.
Adjusting stitch length.
Bobbin winding.
Threading the machine head and bobbin case.
Where to find parts, books and sewing machines.
Helpful Tips.
Needle, thread and fabric compatibility chart.
Belt installation.