Sewing Machines Wanted

Vintage Sewing Machine Service and Repair

Are you looking to get rid of your sewing machines? If so, PLEASE don't throw them in the landfill.  We offer free local pickup for all unwanted vintage/antique sewing machines.

About us:
*We service vintage sewing machines, including treadles.
*We sell refurbished sewing machines.
*We sell original sewing machine parts.
*We sell several popular sewing machine related book titles.
*We buy SELECT vintage sewing machine models (as most are not worth a lot of money).

Do you need your machine serviced?
Don't listen to those other shops that tell you that your older machine is not worth fixing. This is simply not true! It's easy to find parts for most vintage sewing machines, they are easier to fix, and are all-metal, at least through the mid 1960's. The point is, there's not much on them to break.  Local repair shops would rather try & talk you into buying a cheap plastic sewing machine.  FYI: Those new plastic sewing machines will never last a fraction of what on older model will. I personally have several sewing machines from the 1800's, and they all sew perfectly!

Note: We are unable to tell you via email how to fix your sewing machine.  If you need service, please use the form below to request an appointment.

Contact us

If you're interested in getting rid of your sewing machines please send a message using the form below. I answer all emails Monday through Friday until 5pm EST.

We are located in Cutchogue, NY about 15 minutes East of Riverhead.
Thank you,
Connie McCaffery