My Sewing Machine Collection
Starting with my oldest model...

1877 Singer 12

Uses a boat shuttle, will be mounted into a treadle base. The decals are worn off. Sews great!
1877 Singer 12

1889 Singer 27-2 (VS2), with Victorian Decals

I have a zigzag attachment for this model. Sews beautifully.
1889 Singer 27-2

1894 Willcox and Gibbs

A small chain stitch machine. I added a new motor.
1894 Willcox and Gibbs

1911 New Home

Has the old style leaf tension, seen on top. Has coffin top style cover. Sews beautifully.
1911 New Home
1911 New Home

1912 Singer 28-2  Hand crank with Victorian decals

While this machine has seen better days, it still sews.
1912 Singer 28-2  Hand crank

1922 Singer 66-1 with 'Red Eye' decals

Class 66, a popular model. In great condition for its age.
1922 Singer 66 Red Eye

Windsor B

Exact year unknown, maybe 1928. Not yet complete. Check back for an updated pic.
Windsor B Sewing Machine

Visetti 42 Precision Built

A Japanese Clone of the Singer 15, 'JA'. Class 15, 1 amp motor, beautiful two tone colors, runs amazing! Exact year unknown.
Visetti 42 Precision Built
Visetti 42 Precision Built

1949 Singer 15-91 'Grandma Ruth'

My MIL gave me this machine, and it had belonged to her mother. I brought this machine back to life. Its not perfect, but it now sews perfectly.
1949 Singer 15-91

1957 Singer 201-2 with Paperclip decals

My favorite machine. Class 66. A favorite among collectors. Its amazing how smooth this machine runs.
1957 Singer 201-2

1964 Singer 221-1 Featherweight

Maybe the most sought after Singer model, weighing 11 lbs, portable and cute!
1964 Singer 221 Featherweight

1966 Singer 348 Style Mate

A nice machine that uses cams for decorative stitches. Beautiful robins egg blue color. Class 66.
1966 Singer 348 Style Mate

Sears Kenmore 1350, 1970's?

Nice machine, has free arm. 10 stitch function. Exact year unknown. A vintage Kenmore is a great machine. Sews beautifully. My 'newest' machine.
1970s Sears Kenmore 1350
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Connie McCaffery